Information Technology Company founded in 2002.

Specializing in the Design, Implementation and Management of Military and Commercial Communication and Collaboration Systems.
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Delan Associates Exhibits at LandWarNet
Delan Associates, Inc. (DAI) exhibited at the annual LandWarNet held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida this year. “We have attended in the past but decided this conference was to important not to have a presence,” said Michael Chung president of DAI. Delan was in booth 1918.
Brave New World: More Digital, Less Physical
Yesterday, I was with my wife in the L'Occitane store. The shelves were filled with fragrances, soaps, lotions: all sorts of handcrafted beauty products. It occured to me while looking at the labels that I have no idea how these products were made. I am reasonably versed in chemistry, but the process of manufacturing perfume is not something I know anything about.
Jumping on the cloud computing bandwagon
January 5, 2009, 04:42 PM — Computerworld Canada — Hype around cloud computing reached a peak in 2008, with numerous vendors embracing the technology and touting its benefits. Amazon Web Services evangelist Jeff Bar even coined the phrase "cloudbursting" to explain how cloud computing can be used to periodically manage an organization's peak loads without actually putting the entire infrastructure to the cloud.
Google comes in fourth on top 10 list of spam enablers
January 6, 2009, 09:58 AM — IDG News Service — Google has yet to stop a rising number of spammers from abusing Google Docs, its Web-based collaboration and spreadsheet application, according to junk mail watchdog Spamhaus
Seagate unveils highest-density hard drive
Scotts Valley (CA) – A solid state disk (SSD) drive may be the sexiest mass storage device for notebooks and high-end PCs, but if it is about cheap storage the good old hard drive is still the way to go – and hard drive technology still has room to grow: Seagate today announced a new 3.5” drive that stores 500 GB on a single platter.
If a 13 year-old can launch a startup you have no excuse
“My name’s Scott. I’m 13 and have launched a web startup.” So began an email exchange over last weekend which culminated with me chatting to Scott’s mum today to verify, that, indeed, he was actually 13 and really had launched a blogging site for people in Scotland.
Mininova’s Torrent Downloads Double to 7 Billion in a Year
The BitTorrent popularity surge is still underway, with more users discovering that it’s the fastest way to transfer large files online. One of the most frequently visited torrent sites, Mininova, has seen the number of torrent downloads double from 3.5 billion to 7 billion during 2008, and this download rate is still increasing.
Predictions 2009
In each of the past five years I've written a predictions post - usually at year's end or by the first of January. This one is late, and I'll admit it's because I found it hard to write. The world is showing itself to be predictable in only one way: bad news begets bad news. I've spent a lot of the past two weeks, where I was ostensibly "not working," thinking about what this year will bring. And I'm not much further from where I started: this is going to be a very difficult year, for a lot of people. But I do have a fair amount of hope. I think times like this force all of us to make honest choices about what we do with our energy, our resources, and our lives. And in the end, that brings long term health to markets.
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DAI is a provider of world-class solutions in the areas of network engineering, training, information technology solutions, network consulting, logistics services support, Lean Six Sigma studies, and help desk. 

• Network Engineering -  SIPR/NIPR Network design, implementation and administration
• Systems Engineering –Analysis, design and implementation
• Solution Design/Support – Requirements analysis and validation 
• Deployment and maintenance

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Training
• New Equipment Training
• Training Support Packages (TSPs)
• Program of Instruction (POIs)
• Mobile Training Team (MTT) support

Support Services:
• Acquisition support
• Logistics support
• Lean Six Sigma studies
• Help Desk

Since its inception, DAI has consistently earned a reputation among its clients of providing responsive and excellent services through innovation and dedication.

The goals of DAI are inextricably tied to our clients' satisfaction. The success of DAI is primarily due to our dedicated "knowledge workers" who possess the requisite technical and people skills to deliver high quality services to our many clients.